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ILANG-ILANG RESTAURANT, one of the oldest restaurants in town that serves authentic Chinese cuisines, was established in 1910. It started as a panciteria and grown into a fulltime restaurant with complete catering services. The restaurant is open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and closes only during Holy Week. For dine-in services, the restaurant can accommodate up to 180 persons on ground floor and 400 persons on 2nd floor function hall with of course offers quality services and delicious foods to give the customers full satisfaction.


ILANG-ILANG RESTAURANT also offers various catering services. You can choose from LAURIAT, BUFFET, COCKTAIL, and PACKED MEALS or VEGETARIAN FOODS. We offer inexpensive yet delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. We cater to all occasions from small family gathering of 20 persons to big social gathering of 10,000 persons. We also accept out of town (province) catering services.


ILANG-ILANG RESTAURANT also delivers fresh hot newly cooked authentic Chinese dishes to your homes/offices. Our delivery covers the whole area of BINONDO, SAN NICOLAS, INTRAMUROS and parts of TONDO, STA CRUZ, QUIAPO and SAN MIGUEL. All the meals are individually cooked upon order to guarantee its freshness and taste.


To ensure cleanliness and for hygienic purposes, all our kitchen equipments dish washing sinks, food preparation tables, working tables and cooking stoves are all made of stainless steel. Our kitchen is also equipped with several chillers and walk-in freezer.


ILANG-ILANG RESTAURANT is worth a trip to Chinatown considering its reliability and inexpensive yet delicious food. “Try once and you will be convinced that the taste is different “.